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Interested in squad basketball for the 2022 season? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why play squad basketball?

Players have the opportunity to represent Bacchus Marsh in basketball, play with new team mates, play against new teams and play a higher level of basketball. It’s a big commitment, but also a rewarding one.

How long is the squad season?

The squad season goes for most of the year, so it’s important to be prepared for this commitment. Training will commence after tryouts are completed. The season commences in March, but grading games begin in mid-late November through to mid-December, then from February to March. The season finishes in August or September, depending upon if teams make finals.

What are the costs involved?

Registration costs for this season are $300. Singlets, shorts and warm up tops must also be purchased ($55 + $40 + $45 each). A weekly $20-$25 fee is also paid to team managers to Friday night team sheet costs and training venue hire. Other things to consider are accommodation when we participate in tournaments during the year (eg. Bendigo Australia Day tournament). It is not a cheap sport to play, but our fees are generally well below other neighbouring associations.

How are players selected?

Players are selected through observations by coaches at 2 tryout sessions each season. Coaches will look at individual players’ skills, strengths, weaknesses, as well as their ability to play in a team. They also need to have a mix of players that can play different positions on the court (guards, forwards, centres) in their team. Coaches may also consider feedback from domestic coaches or squad coaches in previous seasons.

Where and when are the games?

Games are played on Friday nights, generally from 6.40pm onwards. Younger age groups usually play earlier. The last time slot is generally 9.40pm. Depending on the division your team qualifies in, games can be anywhere from Ballarat, Geelong, suburbs across Melbourne and beyond. Bacchus Marsh often plays against teams from the western and northern suburbs such as Keilor, Werribee, Melton, Sunbury, Broadmeadows and Geelong.

How many players will be selected in a team?

Generally, 8-10 players are selected in a team.

Will there only be one team entered into each age group?

Depending on tryout numbers and player ability, the Lions will sometimes enter more than one team in an age group (last season there was 2 U14 boys teams). Similarly, if we don’t have enough numbers in an age group, we may not enter a team. Extra teams also depend on our association being able to find a suitable coach for the team.

Is game time split evenly between players?

Not necessarily. While game time in domestic basketball is often split fairly evenly, squad teams are playing at a higher level and this often results in some players spending more time on the court than others.

Do the teams play tournaments?

Yes. Usually Bacchus Marsh teams play in Bendigo on the Australia Day weekend and on the Queen’s Birthday weekend in Ballarat in June. Some teams may elect to play extra tournaments during the year.

When do teams train?

Compulsory training sessions are usually each Sunday at the Lions Den, usually for 1.5 hours. Times will be published once teams are finalised. Usually we try to fit training around Sunday football/netball times, but this is not always possible. Some teams may have extra sessions during the week in Bacchus Marsh or Melton. Changes are sometimes required to avoid clashes with other basketball programs.

What responsibilities do parents have?

Parents need to get players to training and games on time and pay required fees. Parents are expected to score for games during the season as required by their team manager. We also need a parent to be the team manager for each team.

For further questions, email Dave Champness at

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