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Operational Plan

Strategic Plan
Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association

Essential components of the Plan

The Vision Statements of the BMBA form the platform for a solid base for the organisation to launch from, which is fundamental to the direction and progression of the Association. Further, from these statements a set of strategies can be produced – representing the fundamental requirements of the Association that are needed for it to successfully manage the BMBA structure and activities towards operating in the new facility from 2023.

The other vital element of the Operational Plan lies in the approach, methodology, accountability and timelines - which gives representation to the What, How, Who and When for the BMBA Committee.

The Future

Vision Statements:

  • Continuously growing involvement and participation in all levels and facets of basketball within the Bacchus Marsh Region.
  • Developing more community participation, involvement and enjoyment in basketball through the provision of a safe, enjoyable and welcoming inclusive environment
  • Creating the environment for individuals to excel in their chosen field of basketball – whether player, coach, referee, administrator or spectator.
  • Positioning the BMBA Lions brand as a recognised and respected brand amongst the wider Moorabool sporting community.
  • Engage with all relevant stakeholders to create an inclusive approach to continual improvement in all that we do and achieve as an Association.
  • Maximising the potential growing the BMBA Competition across all levels both Junior and senior, with the provision of opportunity the new facility will deliver in 2023.

Flexibility of the Plan

While this Operational Plan represents a wide range of outcomes and strategies to be achieved by the BMBA over the next (3) years, it is to be regarded as a working document and as such, gives the Association the flexibility to refine and change direction, should this become necessary.

As the BMBA continues along the path of continuous improvement, valuable information will be gathered for it to assess where the Operational Plan needs refinement and alteration in its role as a working document.

This will allow the Association to maintain a strong position, as the basketball sporting landscape changes and it prepares itself to maximise its use of the opportunities the new facility may offer.

Three-Year Plan

Whilst the BMBA is dedicated to ensuring its future, through the sustainable and systematic planning process, it still has a responsibility to maintain its current core business whilst still growing its participation base, these being:

  • Effective management of a number of domestic competitions
  • Delivering on reasonable and relevant stakeholder interests and needs
  • Effective management of BMBA representative teams
  • Ensuring the financial viability of our sporting association in an environment of increased operational requirements (Covid procedures, increased number of programs) and rising operational costs
  • Maintaining and servicing community partners
  • Ensuring quality ongoing development of the Referee Development Program
  • Maintaining and growing the Association’s membership base
  • Ensuring ongoing development of Domestic and Representative Coaches
  • Effective management of ongoing player development programs
  • Managing the ongoing relationship with the Moorabool Shire Council
  • Maintaining systems and policies to support financial, human resources, risk management and legal obligations

Download a summary of the Operational Plan

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