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Become a Referee

The BMBA is committed to building a high-quality referee training/education program to ensure we provide quality education and opportunities for all those interested in becoming a quality referee.

The BMBA sees this program as one of the key components, in continuing to grow the Association over the next 5 years.

To this end, the BMBA introduced the new senior position of Referee Program Manager in 2021, and appointed Emily Todorov to the role.  Emily has done a wonderful job with both the education and personal development of our local referees, and as such there has never been a better time to show your interest in becoming a referee with the BMBA.

If you are interested in the challenge/opportunity of becoming a referee, please email us at the link below in the first instance.

The Pathway


The minimum age of a trainee is 14 years old and the BMBA run beginner schools as and when required, this includes both a theory (one full day or two half days) and an on-court component where the trainee is supported by a mentor. This is called the green shirt program, and you find more out about this program by clicking on the Green Shirt Program in this section.

C Grade

Once a referee has successfully completed the trainee course, and likewise been assessed as competent by the BMBA Referee Program Manager, they are considered a 'C' Grade referee and can officiate within our Junior domestic competition.

B Grade

Once they move on to a ‘B’ Grade referee they are more likely to officiate senior games of basketball. During the next year or two and if they show an aptitude for officiating, they will be identified for an ‘A’ grade school.

A Grade

An ‘A’ Grade school is regularly run by a senior local educator and will further educate referees in the following areas: Mechanics, Presentation, Calling of the Game, Communication and Technical Control. Receiving your ‘A’ grade is the highest honour an official can receive from their local association.

You can then of course transition from BMBA to the State / National Body.

This is a significant commitment and is based on both the ability of the referee and their professionalism. The Elite Leagues participate on a Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday and require travel throughout the State. For those with the talent and commitment to become an elite referee there are significant state, national, and international opportunities that they can embark on.

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