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Green Shirt Program

The Trainee Green Shirt Program


The BMBA identified the need to work with and train young quality individuals in the art of refereeing, to ensure it had the both the quality and the number of referees available to match the anticipated growth in our Association player numbers.

In this regard, the BMBA provide a regular intake of interested kids into our Green Shirt Training Program. This program is an opportunity for interested young people to become trainee referees. In this program they get to learn about refereeing, whilst likewise gaining experience in live game situations.

The program which takes new interested parties on a regular basis throughout the year, covers both the theory (one full day or two half days) and the on-court component where the trainee is supported by a mentor, to learn what is required to become a quality referee.

The Minimum age to enrol in the Trainee Green Shirt Program is 14 years of age.

Now, if you are interested in participating in the BMBA Trainee Green Shirt Program please email us at the link below in the first instance.

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