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Question of the Week

August 24, 2022

How is the ladder calculated & how do players qualify for finals?

The Ladder:

With the new play HQ system we use the Ladder Points Average System. Due to the fact that all teams do not play each other an equal amount of times in a season, and that there is an unequal amount of byes, this system is the fairest and takes this into consideration.

A Ladder Points Average ladder will still consider the ladder points earned by a team throughout a season, however, instead of being ranked exclusively by Ladder Points, the number of games that the team has played (excluding byes) is also considered. Refer to the image to understand the ladder columns and ladder rankings sections for this ladder-type.

For any further information about the Ladder Points Average System, please visit Understanding how ladders are calculated – PlayHQ.

Player Qualifications for Finals:

For a player to qualify for finals they must play one third of fixtured games plus one. So for a 13 round season the qualifying games is 5.

Please note players registered to the team will automatically have a bye game included as a game played for qualifying for finals. If you need to find out if you qualify, please contact your club.

If you have any questions you would like answered send them through to

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